Friday 7 September 2012

Navwar WW2 Late War Japanese Starter Set

Another project that I've forced myself to finish off as dark vengeance arrives (which it has, and very good it is too) is my Japanese Late war starter set from Navwar, as usual in 1:3000 scale.  The ships have actually been finished for a couple of months, but I just hadn't got around to basing them.

The japanese are very good in victory at sea and benefit hugely from the poor points system as in each of the 5 brackets they can field efficient ships.  It also helps that the Yamato class battleships are the most powerful in the game.

As all the Navwar starter sets this one is good value, although I'd have prefered one less carrier and another battleship, but thats just me, I like battleships a lot.

 The big boys of the set the Battleships, from left to right the Nagato, The Ise and the Yamato.  Although as I already have a Yamato this model has been christened the musashi.  The Ise is a fascinating ship that is half battleship and half aircraft carrier!

The set also contains 3 full carriers of various sizes, the Kaiyo, the Shinyo and the Unryu.

On the left we have two Takao heavy cruisers and on the right we have two oyodo class light cruisers. 

 And finally we have 4 akitsuki class destroyers and 4 kagero class destroyers.


  1. I really, really must get some of the Navwar ships. I've been wanting to try WWII naval for months but still haven't done anything about it. I really like these Keith, What do you use for the bases?

  2. Nice little fleet you have there


  3. @steve I highly recomend them, they are great models at great price and navwar always provide excellent service. The bases are just think mounting board cut up and painted green, very simple to do.

    @ian, cheers!

    1. Thanks for the info Keith. It's a pity Navwar don't have a shopping cart installed but I'll definitely be giving hem a try in the near future.


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