Tuesday 28 February 2012

White Dwarf 387 & Wargames Illustrated 293

My monthly look at the two wargaming magazines I subscribe too, lets see what march has to offer.....

As always we'll start with white dwarf, this months mag is dominated by 40k, focusing on the new tyranid and space wolf releases.  Yet again no real design notes which is a shame and we get the rules for the tervigon and tyrannofex taken straight from the codex (something I'm not a fan of, if I play 'nids I'll have the book and if I don't it's not much use to me, also it just seems lazy to reprint something rather than bother to recreate new material).  There is a tervigon painting guide that's pretty good though.  The single warhammer article is the conclusion of the civil war expansion, which is useful, but I'd have liked a bit more for the system.  Lord of the Rings inevitably also continues its comeback, with a mini battle report (and another scenario reprinted form one of the new sourcebooks) amd the start of a new 'tale of four gamers' series, a series I've liked from the beginning (which was a loooong time ago now) and I'm glad to see it return.  The mag is topped up by a rather poor standard bearer, a new induction into the hall of fame and a fantasic showcase of last years slayer sowrd winners from around the world.  So in the end a few good bits, but quite a lot of what feels like filler too.

This months theme in wargames illustrated is 'giant wargames', which is three articles showcasing well giant wargames of dettingen, a roman wargame in germania and chancellorsvillie.  The articles are ok, but its very loose as a theme.  Other articles include german armoured tarins for flames of war, the french foreign legion in sub saharan africa, haiti's war of independence, a great warriors feature on the hussites and a small article on playing napoleonic skirmish games.  A average issuse all round, it's not bad as such, just doesn't grab you.

I'm hoping next month brings a bit more excitement.


  1. "if I play 'nids I'll have the book and if I don't it's not much use to me"

    Not entirely true. If you play against 'Nids it's useful to know the rules for the new units without having to buy the Codex or getting a nasty surprise. But I agree that it's lazy to simply copy and paste from the Codex.

  2. I suppose that will be true for a lot of poeple, but I play quite a small group of poeple and when one of us gets new codex we all have a good look at it, so we're unlikely to be to suprised by any rules from anyones armies.


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