Sunday 26 February 2012

Dwarf Kings Hold Adventurers - Orcs & Elves

With the recent release of Dwarf Kings Hold: Ancient Grudge and all the new troop types that can be feilded I dug out my Mantic Crazy Christmas bag and assembled a few pieces to represent some of the new troops.  I've done the same with the dwarves as well, but they're not painted yet, and I already have a load of zombies, ghouls and wraiths for the undead, so this post features my new additions for my orc and elf warbands.

Three bases of suprisingly useful little 'orclings', I just love these guys

An orc boss flanked by another two greatax

A couple of Orc Morax made from the standard orc sprue, by just swaping the sheilds for the spare axe provided.

My interpretation of scout captain Shulan and an extra couple of spearmen

And finally some elven scouts 

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