Saturday 17 December 2011

Mantic Crazy Christmas Bag

The Mystery Bag

After a bit of deliberation I've gone and ordered a crazy christmas bag from Mantic Games, the website doesn't specify what models you will get only that it will be a lot and comes in a mantic bag for £24.99, and you do definatly get a lot, heres what mine contained:

2 x skeleton troop sprue - 20 models
1 x revenant troop sprue - 10 models
1 x revenant cmd sprue - 10 models
2 x zombie srprue - 6 models
3 x ghoul sprue - 6 models

1 x elf archer sprue - 10 models
1 x elf archer cmd sprue - 10 models
1 x elf spearman sprue - 10 models
1 x elf spearman cmd sprue - 10 models
3 x elf scout sprue - 6 models

1 x dwarf warriors sprue - 5 models
1 x dwarf cmd sprue - 5 models
2 x dwarf ironwatch sprue - 4 models
1 x dwarf ironbreaker sprue - 2 models

2 x orc ax sprue - 6 models
1 x orc greatax sprue - 2 models
1 x orc cmd sprue - 0 models (well 2 cool little orclings)

For a grand total of 122 models (not including dogs/cats/rats/orclings), which works out at 20.5p a model and values the bag at zero.  If thats not a bargin I don't know what is!  If I was being picky I'd have rathered less elves and more orcs, and also note that no bases come in the bag, but I'm just nitpicking really, this is a fantastic deal.  I'm properly chuffed with this, well done Mantic.

The Contents

So what am I going to do with all this lot, well I happen to have a cunning plan, with the new Dwarf Kings Hold expansion Ancient Grudge coming out next year and the ability to tailor warbands a whole bunch of extra models from the dwarves, orcs and even a few elves will come in very useful.  The undead will be based and used for warhammer as well as used in DKH, with 20 man regiments of skeletons and revenants and a few ghouls and zombies to add to the regiments I already have.  The painting queue just got a lot bigger.

I mustn't forget you also get this bag to carry models in, I quite like the styling, but am not overly keen on the velcro that keeps the flap down, but hey it's basically a free bag!
As I post this you have a few days left to order one, so if I've tempted you you better act sharpish.


  1. I think my bag was exactly the same as yours - and I'd also have preferred more orcs and fewer elves (and dwarfs).


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