Tuesday 6 December 2011

Happy Birthday To Me....

It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 29, which is OK, but scarily close to the big 3 0, but at least I was lucky enough to get given a few hobby related preasents.

The highlight of the bunch is the new Warhammer campaign book 'Blood in the Badlands', A full colour hardback book containing a campaign (unsuprisingly set in the badlands), but also containing updated seige and underground fighting rules.  On a brief inspection it all looks rather good, a full review will follow in time.  Also a nice Revell 1:72 German Jagdpanther, I've been building it this morning and am rather chuffed with it actually, I think I'm goign to paint it in the colour scheme of the one I saw at the Imperial War Museum. I also got an always useful set of hobby knives and a DVD boxed set on decisive battles of the ancient world.  And finally whilst not truly hobby I also got a Ewok that talks when you press its stomach, and even being nearly 30 I still reckon thats massively cool.

So thanks to those that know me well enough to buy me all this cool geeky stuff.


  1. Happy birthday!

    That's a great nerdly haul of stuff!

  2. Happy birthday Keith...as you approach the big 30 remember - life begins there!

    Have a great day sir!

    Looking forward to seeing the Jagdpanther fully painted up!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Looking forward to hearing what you think about the Badlands book.

    Have a good one!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys,

    the jagdpanther is built and half painted so should be appearing soon and the review of blood in the badlands is underway and should hopefully be up by the end of the weekend.

  5. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog while google'ing for warhammer-themed birthday pictures and had to stop and look because I got the very same knife set for my last birthday. :D

    Hope you had a good one mate and drop by at http://taleofpainters.blogspot.com/ (our group painting blog) any time. :)

  6. Hi and welcome, I already follow that blog actually!


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