Monday, 26 December 2011

The What I Got For Christmas Post...

I've managed to survive yet another christmas with the family, we even managed to play a few trivia boardgames, it was hardly warhammer, but still I enjoyed it.  I even got a couple of new games as christmas presents.

Two very different games here, the 'Lego game Magma Monster' and the eurogame 'Ponte Del Diavolo'.  They both look interesting and will fill missing gaps in my collection, the lego game will be perfect for when a short fun game is needed (espicially if there are any non-gamers present) and ponte del diavolo is only 2 players, which is good as I often find I need an easy 2 player game when I don't have time for a full wargame (again it is less scary for my non-gamer freinds/family than anything that involes little plastic goblins or the equvilent), and most of my other boardgames work best with 3 or more players (risk, shogun etc.) or also take too long (for example space hulk).  It's the lego game I'm actually most eager to try as I've had my eye on them for a while, as I think the nature of the lego could give rise to some interesting mechanics.  Full reviews in time of course, and I hope everybody had a happy christmas!

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