Sunday 19 October 2014

Mars Attacks - Martian Grunts & Eva

Just a quickie this evening to show off a squad of Martian grunts and the heroine Eva from the new Mars Attacks game that I've just painted.

I played my first game of Mars Attacks this afternoon as well, and although we only played the first scenario (twice) first impressions are very positive.  Expect a full review once we've played through a few more missions.


  1. Great to see that you are up and running! I'm definitely going to need to know what colours you are using when mine finally turn up!

    1. All citadel paints, main colours are scorpion green and hawk turquoise, with various shades and highlights, both paints are alas now out of production.

    2. Thanks for the names Keith, I'll have to see if I can match the colours - I know a couple of paint comparison sites I can check out.

  2. Nice paintjobs. I am still waiting for my Mars Attacks stuff to turn up.

  3. They look excellent. Very unique to have figures with clear plastic helmets.
    Great job.


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