Wednesday 1 February 2012

1:3000 Modern Royal Navy Taskforce

I've finished painting the first batch of models from my recent purchase of Navwar's modern British starter pack, I've painted the models currently in service first as my real aim here it to collect the current fleet.  What I've painted would actually represent a pretty major deployment of force for Britain nowadays, and whilst my collection is far from complete I could certainly game with what I have.  Just need to decide on a suitable opponent and find some rules next.

The Helicopter carriers HMS Ocean and HMS Illustrious, Illustrious was of course formerly an aircraft carrier whose role was changed with the early retirement of the harrier fleet.

The Type 42 Destroyer HMS Liverpool and the fleet replenishment ship RFA Fort Rosalie

The backbone of the fleet the type 23 frigates, HMS St. Albans, HMS Kent, HMS Sutherland and HMS Portland 

3 Trafalgar class attack submarines and the 4 Vanguard class ballistic missile submarines

The taskforce sets sail.


  1. What rules are you looking at Keith?

    1. To be honest I haven't managed to find any that I like the look of. Modern naval doesn't seem to lend its self well to wargaming, although hopefully somebody can prove me wrong.


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