Wednesday 22 February 2012

Warhammer Vampire Counts Plastic Wight King

Another addition to my Vampire Counts army today, this time the new plastic wight king from games workshop.  It's a rather fantastic model actually and the plastic medium allows GW to create a good 'layered' effect that just isn't possible in metal or resin-plastic.  Like all the new plastic warhammer characters coming out of GW this is single pose only and comes with its' own moulded base.  This model will have a dual use, also standing in as the Reveannant King for use in Dwarf Kings Hold. 


  1. I like it Keith. Is it just boltgun metal? Maybe some dead grass to lift the tone at the bottom though?

  2. thanks! yeah its just boltgun metal washed with badab black and then drybrushed with boltgun metal again.


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