Monday 15 October 2012

More Alpha Legion & The First Game of 6th

Been a bit quiet again recently, but I've finished another couple of units for my alpha legion force.

First up are the chosen from the dark vengeance boxed set.  Lovely models, although all the detail on them took abosolutely ages to paint.  Not sure I can acutally see myself using them that often though as with all the upgrades they end up costing a lot of points and still die relativly easily.

These obliterators are the opposite, not good models at all (though admitedly the were very cheap), but will find themselves in most games that I feild my chaos army in.

Yesterday also saw my first game of 6th 40K, with my space marines taking on my freinds chaos (neither of us have the new codex yet so he was using the old version).  It was an easy win for me, helped a lot by my opponents chaos terminators failing a 5" charge and them getting counter charged by my storm sheild termies.  These things are bound to happen more now though.  Very breifly I liked the new flyer rules, the new scenarios and the pyschic rules, wasn't so sure about random charge ranges and the new wound allocation rules.  Vehicles really do seem a lot weaker now with a lot going pop very easily, and alas my rhinos are nowhere near as useful (although still efficient enough at 35pts).  Although we didn;t use them in this battle I'm a big fan of the allies rules too.  Overall I'm happy enough, it's still the same game, but mixing it up ocasionally adds to the fun.


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