Monday 22 October 2012

Alpha Legion Rhino & Vindicator

Two new vehciles for my Alpha Legion army today, both of which came from job lots I got off ebay, so aren't constructed as I would have chosen, but still they add useful abilities to my army.

First off is this rhino, with way to many spikes for my liking, as well as an attached havoc launcher.  Rhino's aren't as good any more, but I still think a bargin for the points.

And secondly this origanl Vindicator based on the origanl rhino with metal add ons.  It was in a bad way when I got it and had been constructed very badly, the barrell is on at a funny angle and there were gaps everywhere.  Liquid green stuff filled in the gaps and I have to live with the wonky barrell.  Oddly I think this could do with a few more spikes, like the obliterators I painted last week this is more for functionallity than looking good on the shelf.

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