Monday 14 January 2013

The Hobbit: Thorin Oakensheild, The Great Goblin & More

Back to middle-earth today, with some more models from The Hobbit starter set.  First off is the mighty Thorin Oakensheild, he has the option of being armed with with the elven blade orcist or with his dwarf sword and the oakensheild.  He finds orcist pretty early on in the story so I've chosen to arm him with that.  

Next 3 more goblins.

Then we have the Great Goblin, who is my favorite out of this lot after being painted, which suprised me a bit, as before the paintjob I wasn't so impressed.

Then we have the great goblins two henchmen, grishnah and the tiny goblin captain, both painted in the same way as all the other goblins.  I've no idea why they decided to make the goblin captain so tiny, but I'm not a fan of it.

And finally another couple of pieces of goblin town


  1. Really nice brushwork here. Really like Thorin-looks just like Richard Armitage.

    1. Thanks, although I'm not entirely happy with Thorin, the hair in particular just doesn't sit right. Never could get the hang of black hair.


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