Thursday 11 July 2013

Hunters, Explorers and Adventurers - Part 1

The latest additions to my collection are these models from Foundry's Darkest Africa range.

Starting off with a pack called 'Clean limbed British officers and adventurers' which is a brilliant title, and has some fantastic models, and even includes an Allan Quartermain (middle left) who's one of my favourite characters.

This next pack is called 'eccentric explorers', which is actually a group of historical explorers of Africa.  from left to right, Sir Richard Francis Burton, John Hanning Speke, Dr Livingstone, Henry Morton Stanley, Sir Samuel Baker, and the German Carl peters.  Another great set, with some of the key characters of the Victorian era in Africa.

And finally 'big game hunt' which includes a German hunter, some native helpers and a lion to hunt. 

And what are these for? Well the idea is to go hunting, but hunting for dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasties!  In the deepest African jungle in the year 1890, some mysterious creatures have been spotted and the race is on to bring back specimens to the great Museums in London and around Europe.  Not entirely sure on rules yet, will be homebrew of some sort, and we plan to have a bit of fun with this. 


  1. Those are absolutely tremendous, you've done a fabulous job on them; I really must get some of these.

    1. I highly recommend them, great characterful models, a few more still on the painting table as well.

  2. Excellent figures so well painted. Your game idea sounds fun



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