Monday 25 February 2013

Dreadball: Ver-myn Team

Another couple of games under the belt, and the surveys have been sent out for season 2, which has made me realise that I'd better get on with painting season 1!  So team no. 2 has been painted, these 'ver-myn' (not skaven oh no definatly not).  As with the corporation team I've given them a coat of gloss varnish to help them survive the rigours of play.

Below are the two guards, in a team with no jacks the couple of guards you do have take on quite a significant role, nice models as well these.

Next are the strikers that make up the bulk of the team.  The top 4 are nice models that I like, however the second variant (in the bottom picture) I don't like so I've given them numbers at the end of the roster so when the extra ones come in the next package I'll barely have to use them.

And finally I've also painted up the refbot!

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