Sunday 3 February 2013

Dreadball: First Games & Corporation Team

I've finally had a chance to play Dreadball.  Admitedly I've only played two games at this point, but I can report that I like it a lot.  The mechainics are different to blood bowl, but the two games did feel related, although Dreadball is a lot quicker and doesn't seem to stagnate.  Both games went down to the wire as well with one even going to sudden death!

It's obviously early days, but at the moment it seems to be everything I'd hoped for.  You can see throughout this post  that I've painted my first team as well representing the human corporation.

One thing I haven't got the hang of yet is how to use jacks in the corporation team.  Whilst they are of course flexible and can perform either roles, they're just not that good at it! It seems you only want to use a jack if you really really have no other choice.  To be fair it might just be that I haven't figured out how to use them yet, but jacks currently seem to the games weak area.

You might notice these minis are a bit shinnier than my usual ones, thats because they've had a coat of citadel 'ardcoat as they will ineviatbly have to put up with a lot of handling.  I've left the bases clear for now, but I'm undecided if I like them like that and am tempted to paint them black all over.

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