Sunday 5 May 2013

Dreadball - Season 2 Arrives

I have only 3 models left to paint from my Dreadball season 1 shipment and what do you know season 2 shows up on the doorstep!  This time we have the season 2 book, 4 new teams (robots, female corp, judwan and Z'zor), some new MVP's and the pack of 4 coaches.  The book is of the same style and format as the first one, and contains a mismash of bits as well as rules for all the new models.
The models are much better this time round, both in sculpting, conception and production.  One thing that didn't sit well with me with season one was the reliance on fantasy sterotypes for what is supposed to be a science fiction game, thankfully all of the new teams move away from that and add a nice bit of extra complexity.
It's not all sweetless and light though, I've got two problems with my package (as the picture above shows).  The first is a headless 'bonus' female corp guard, this is actually only a small disapointment as the female corp are my least favorite team and I'm unlikely to run them in a league and still have enough for a starting team for one off games.  The second issuse is with the Z'zor team which came with 3 guards and 4 jacks, and as a starting team has 5 jacks and only 1 guard, which means a third gaurd can never be used and you don't get enough jacks to even start playing with them!  Well I've e-mailed mantic and await to see how they deal with these issuses.
Below are a few examples of the 50+ models that have been added to the painting queue! 


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