Friday 3 May 2013

Warpath - Fate Of The Forge Star

A look at a random ebay purchase today, this time the warpath starter set fate of the forgestar by mantic games.  I've been buying stuff from mantic ever since they first appeared, and have generally been happy with what I've bought, this is my first foray into warpath though.

Apart from the models the set includes a rules booklet, which have the basic warpath rules on and some green dice.  The dice are great actually and it was nice to get a few of a different colour rather than just another bunch of white ones.  The rules booklet is less good, it's a bit to basic for a large scale battle game and just doesn't seem to provide that fun a game.  One thing lacking is any instructions for assembling the models, I've been doing this for a long time and had no issuses, but this is supposed to be a starter set and I can imgine a beginner being very confused what they're supposed to do with the giant pile of sprues. 

The main part of the box is of course the plastic models, you get 40 orx marauders and 15 forgefathers (only 10 forgefathers in later versions).  I like the style of the orxs quite a lot and although I've moaned about the plastic forgefathers in the past I like them a bit more now that I've actaully seen them in person.  The only problem really with these is the lack of variety, they come on either 2 or 3 man sprues, which leads to few options for making the guys look different from each other.

The set also contains a few 'premium' models made out of mantics 'restic' material. A squad of 5 forgefather stormrage veterans, a forgefather artillery piece and an orx trike.  The stormrage veterans are the highlight of the set and really rather nice.  The restic doesn't work so well for the two vehicles, the moulding seemed to be slightly warped and sticking them together was a real pain, these really should have been in hard plastic.

So now I've got these guys do I have a plan? Well of course I do, the forgefathers will be painted up in the same scheme as my squats and be used as counts as imperial guard to ally with my space marines, the cannon thing will then be used as a counts as thunderfire cannon.  The orx I'm going to paint with normal human flesh tones and use them as mutated chaos cultists for my alpha legion army.  I'm not 100% sure that it's going to come off but I'm going to give it a go.  I haven't thought of anything to do with the trike yet, it might go off to ebay to raise a couple of quid, or possibly get turned into a wreck for a terrain piece... suggestions welcomed.

Overall a bargin for £20, not so sure if I'd recomend it at full retail price though.  Compared to the Dark Vengeance boxed set this comes off poorly and feels like the budget set it is, still if you can get it at the price I did it's cheaper than a single space marine tactical squad!  I'm not going to start playing warpath though, these are definatly going into my 40K armies.

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