Sunday 28 April 2013

40K - Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Reinforcements

A few additions to my Alpha Legion Army today, the most impressive of which is this old style predator below.  Based on the origanal rhino chassis with metal add-ons.  I've added a couple more chaos bits too it as well.  Armed with an autocannon and two heavy bolters, it saw action for the first time today and performed well.

Next we have the chaos lord from dark vemgeance.  Like al the dark vengeace stuff is a good model and this also means I've finished the chaos side of the boxed set.

And finally two of the first models I ever bought way back in the early 90's.  These are two classic renegade space marine, there was origannly a third one with horns, but I'm not sure where he's got to.  They're a bit small compared to the current range of models, but do add a nice bit of character to my force.


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