Sunday 12 May 2013

40K - Imperial Guard Reinforcements

A whole bunch of new stuff for my 40K Imperial Guard detactment today.  Starting with this chimera APC.  This came second hand off ebay, and needed a bit of work to make it bearable (thats what I get for being a cheapskate), but it's come through in the end I think (even if I still don't like the dozer blade), and will proove very useful.

Next we have a squad of 6 ratling snipers, very useful and very characterful models, this is the third time I've painted this squad and I'm finally happy with it.

Next a catachan captain, this has always been one of my favorite models ever since it first came out.

Next we have a random ebay purchase.  Mantic have never said as much but these enforcers are clearly their take on space marines, jolly nice they are too, in fact when put next to a space marine the enforcers realistic proportions make the space marines look cartoony and a bit silly.  These won't be joining my space marine army but I'm planning to use them as count as storm troopers for the Imperial Guard. I might see if I can pick up another 5 cheap off ebay as well to complete the squad.

The detail on these is really great, they're made from mantic's plastic-resin material, which I'm afraid I'm going off of.  Sticking them together was a giant pain, and they lack the options a hard plastic sprue would provide.

And finally not technically Imperial Guard, but we have this rogue trader era Inquisitor, who I feel would make a nice 'counts as' for a HQ choice.


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