Friday, 25 March 2016

Dungeon Saga: Tyrant of Halpi Painted

The Tyrant of Halpi is a forthcoming expansion for Mantic's Dungeon Saga, it contains a lot less minis than the other expansions, but that's mainly because one of them is a large Dragon!

The Dragon is a great mini and was a joy to paint, I think he's come out pretty well and with a minimum of effort.  The only tricky bit was choosing the colour, I wasn't keen on a green dragon like Mantic did, and I already have a red dragon in my collection for some reason it took me a couple of days to think of doing a blue dragon.

Karrathor The Unbroken

I'm less impressed with the two new hero minis, they're both OK, but not exceptional, the Paladin needs a much bigger sword and the Halfling thief suffers from her (inevitable) small scale.

Ibrahim - Human Paladin

Ally McSween - Halfling Thief


  1. He's a beauty Keith, the colour works really well too!

  2. Nice painting. The Dragon looks great! Blue was a great choice. Very well done.


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