Monday 17 October 2011

Dreadfleet - The Skabarus and Grimnirs Fury

I've finished another couple of the ships from Dreadfleet, the undead skaven ship the Skabarus and the dwarven ironclad Grimnirs Fury.  Very different ships design wise, but both interesting.

So here we have the skabarus, an undead leviathan (with clear design nods to the angler fish) crewed by skaven and decked out with warp lightning cannons that ignore armour, perfect for taking on....

The Dwarven Ironclad Grimnirs Fury, this is the best armoured ship in the game and launches cool (and useful) little airships.

I've been trying to paint the islands as I go as well rather than leave them all for the end, these are the latest additions.


  1. Apologies for crashing an old post - but
    1) painting up a Bretonnian fleet currently
    2) LOVE the bases you have here and wanted to do similar. Could you share how you created those waves?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, no worries about crashing an old post, the waves are moulded bases that came with the ships, so not much help I'm afraid.


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