Friday 16 March 2012

My First Package From Foundry

My first ever miniatures from wargames foundry arrived this morning, and consisted of 4 packs from their Greek Mythology range that I'm planning on using with Tribes of Legend.  The order arrived well packaged and very quickly, no issuse with the service.  I ordered the greek heroes, trojan heroes, gorgons and a pack of centaurs.

My new packs of figures

They come in old style blister packs complete with a little bit of foam and contain bases, although I got a bit confused here.  The infantry comes with different bases, my greek hero and gorgon packs came with circular bases, but the trojan hero pack came with square bases, a very odd policy that I can't fathom.  The other thing is that none of the models come with spears, which is rather odd, foundry sell spears seperately, which again seems like a crazy policy, my plan is to use spare spears from my plastic hoplites on the 5 models I have that need them.

Whats in the packs

Another thing to be aware of is that I saved my self over £4 simply by ordering from rather than from as the main foundry sites charges a flat £8! postage on any order under £80.  Still for all my whinging I like what I've bought, am looking forward to painting them and would be suprised if these are the last figures I buy from foundry.

Achillies & Ajax assembled, although I've gone with square bases.

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