Thursday 29 March 2012

Medusa, The Gorgons and Some Centaurs

I've painted the first two of my Greek mythology packs that I recently bought from wargames foundry.  They paint up nicely and I'm particulary pleased with how the Gorgons came out.  I need to find a Persesus model from somewhere now, I'm looking at possibly getting the version from reaper minis.  Although from foundry's Tribes of Legend ranges the Gorgons currently don't feature in either of the two games in the tribes of legend book.  The centaurs conversely are favoured and are featured in both games, although with only 3, at the moment I'll only be using them in ancient heroes.

The Gorgons Stheno, Euryale and of course Medusa.

Two unfortunate victims

Medusa's deadly petrifying stare!

My three armoured Centaurs

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