Tuesday 11 November 2014

Mars Attacks - More Painted Minis & Kickstarter Package

My current gaming is centered around Mantic's new Mars Attacks game and I'm furiously trying to get all the minis from the base game painted as I hate playing with unpainted figures.  It actually feels like I'm getting there as well with the US Marines, Troy, Brandi & Buddy now complete.


A day after I'd finished painting these guys and was getting that feeling that finishing the Mars Attacks boxed set was in sight my neighbour arrived with Kickstarter package 2.  Considering that I only put a small pledge on the Mars Attacks Kickstarter I've got a lot of stuff for my money and I'm a very happy customer.  Some pics of my new stuff below....

Freebie translucent science division guy

hard plastic Martian saucer and US army truck.  The saucer comes with heat ray and freeze ray options that I intend to magnetize.

The Tiger Corps, which includes a selection of great alien models and are my favourite minis from the range.

The Science Division

Novas Vira Militia

Martian Heroes

Human Heroes

and finally the Martian Dreadball team..


  1. Well done Keith, great job and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with mountains of plastic Martians sitting on the doorstep!

    1. We're enjoying the game as well, wish I'd ordered more now.


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