Sunday 22 May 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus & Resin

With the news out of GW last week about the switch to resin it made me look again at what resin models I currently have, and well to be honest, there aren't many.  In fact I have 6 (and one of them is a floating skull) all from forgeworld and all from the Adeptus Mechanicus.

So here we have a tech preist and a servitor

These are from the Death Korps of Krieg Quatermaster set but I felt added in well to my adeptus mechanicus squad

and finally a servo-skull and a cherub.

So is resin any good? yes it is all these models have a crispness of deatil far beyond what I see on GW metal models, the lightness of the material is good as well and they take being knocked over (it happens to the best of us) far better than lead.  There are downsides however, parts need supergluing, but I found it didn't take the superglue that well and the dust from it is carcinogenic, so not suitable for kids (although I woundn't be suprised if the new wonder resin doesn't have this property, we'll have to wait and see).  I haven't tried any models made out the resin-plastic used by mantic and privateer press, I'm waiting for the mantic wraiths to be rereleased.  Do I think resin is worth paying more for?  Hmmmm I think if the quailty is improved, like it is on these figures then yes it is worth a bit more, if it turns out to be the same figures in a cheaper material, then no and I'll be annoyed that they tried to con us, I'm still hoping for a positive outcome on this though.
Whilst we're at it I may as well show the rest of my adeptus mechanicus squad:

An Eginseer flanked by two lex-mechainics. 
And finally a collection of servitors, of particular note is the squat servitor on the left.

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