Sunday 29 May 2011

The Fourth Wave

I've just finished the final batch (for now) of my 1/3000 scale WW2 British ships from Navwar.

Here is 4 S-class submarines and 2 J/K/N class destroyers.

Here with have the battlecruiser HMS Renown (at the back) with the cruisers HMS Jamaica (on the left) and HMS Suffolk.

Another 2 battleships on the left is HMS King George V, the lead ship of her class and on the left the Queen Elizabeth class HMS Warspite.

And finally the whole fleet of 6 battleships, 3 battlecruisers, 3 aircraft carriers, 13 cruisers, 10 destroyers and 4 subs, painted, based and ready for action.  I will hopefully be playing using the victory at sea rules for the first time tomorrow.  We plan to start with the battle of the river plate, which will involve me using 3 cruisers in an attempt to sink my friend's pocket battleship. 

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