Monday 13 June 2011

A Convoy

My latest order from Navwar has turned up and I've been good and put the battleships to one side for now and have painted the civillian ships first so we can try a few comerce raiding scenarios.  The ships below make a total of 24 civillian ships points for victory at sea.

Here we have two Kinross tramp freighters and the Scottish Borderer tanker

These are four Liberty Ships

And here are four Victory Ships (the successor to the Liberty Ships). 

And finally a pic  of the civillian ships moving in convoy with an escort.

All ships are from and are in 1:3000 scale.


  1. very nice!
    I started to paint the same things but in japanese.
    May be this links will help you later.

  2. Yeah that links very helpful, thanks


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