Tuesday 17 January 2012

Dreadfleet - The Bloody Reaver & Sea Monsters

The last warship is done, Count Noctulis' gigantic ship the Bloody Reaver joins the rest of the fleet.  At first I didn't like this ship it seemed to much of a mess, but I've started to appreciate it a bit more and enjoyed painting it.

I've also finished the sea monsters from the game, I painted them very basically in a sort of ghostly way.

Thats almost it for dreadfleet, I've only got the 7 auxillary cogs to go now.


  1. awesome. i still havent summoned the will to start on the ships yet, despite the terrain being done, so a great acheivment on your part, congrats.

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty chuffed with finishing it all actually, but I was determined not to leave it as yet another half-done project. It's taken a long time (especially the embossed sails) but it's worth it in the end.


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