Friday 27 January 2012

Dwarf Kings Hold: Ancient Grudge... Nearly Arrives

I came home from work this evening to find an exciting parcel from Maelstrom Games waiting for me in the hallway.  I ripped it open quickly knowing full well it contained the new dwarf kings hold expansion from mantic games that I'd been waiting for........

All was well at this point.

Then I opened up the box and damnit theres no rulebook....

See no rulebook!

Which pretty much makes the set useless!  These things happen, I worked breifly on a packing line and I know how easy it is for mistakes to happen, the key now is how it's dealt with. I've e-mailed maelstrom games and eagerly await their response.  I hope this is just a one off and they didn't forget to include the rulebook in all the sets!  Such a disapointing evening :(

Update: maelstrom quickly responded and asked me to return the set, which I did and they quickly got a replacement out to me... but this one was also missing its rulebook!  I'm getting annoyed now and maelstrom have advised me to contact mantic directly to see if they can get the book out to me as everything else is there, we'll see how this goes.

Update: mantic replied the next day and immediatley sent out the rulebook that I have now finally recieved, so we got there eventually.

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