Saturday 21 January 2012

The White Dwarf - As A Pirate!!!

Today I'm going to take a look at this years White Dwarf subscription model that I've just finished painting.  This year the Grombrindal has found himself a pirate outfit to wear (no doubt inspired by Dreadfleet).  He also comes with a scenic base and for the first time is in citadel finecast.

This is only my second finecast model, after my somewhat disapointing first experience I've been avoiding the medium.  I bought this in the local games workshop emporium and the first one I opened (in store) was appaling, The mould didn't seemed to have been alined properly and he was missing the thumb that was supposed to be holding his pistol.  The second one I opened was a lot better, but as you can see above there are still a couple of bubbles, but I can work with that, and I wanted the model and they didn't have any more in the shop.  I've yet to see a blemish free 'finecast' with my own eyes, and I'm not exactly crying out to buy more.

Finecast issues aside I really like the model, he has a lot of good little pirate touches and a cool parrot, whilst retaining the fact he's clearly a dwarf.  I was tempted to put him on a square base so that I could use hime when playing warhammer, but decided in the end that the scenic base was too good to waste and I have plenty of heroes and lords in my army anyway.

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