Thursday 26 July 2012

40K Chaos Space Marine Alpha Legion Squad - Part 1

My new alpha legion army now has a legal unit painted!  Although it's not actually finished yet and they will be joined by another 5 marines including one with a flamer and one with a melta gun, which will give me a nice mix of anti-infantry and anti-tank.  This will actually end up being a very flexible unit all round and will normally deploy from a rhino (acquired, but not yet painted).  I'm very impressed with the chaos space marine plastic kit and there's a lot you can do with it, it's also nicely provided me with a load of bits to fix up some of the second hand chaos stuff I brought off ebay.

The painting was actually pretty fidly compared with what I normally do and it took a long time (partly due ot the detail on the models and partly due to the alpha legion scheme), although I think its been worth it and am pleased with the result.  I just need to remember that this is only supposed to be a small force and make sure it doesn't eat up all my painting time for the next year!


  1. If you don't mind saying, which base colour & green highlight for the armour trim did you use?

    1. Its just that your alpha legion colour scheme is amazing and I was hoping to use it, so if you can remember the other paints and dont mind saying that would be amazing :)

    2. Hi there thanks for stopping by. I certainly don't mind, I write this blog to try and engage more with other people about my hobby.

      The basic blue is 'regal blue' with a black was over the top and the green trim is 'snot green'. Both are from the old citadel range and aren't widely available now, although GW do continue to do similar paints.

      Hope that helps, any more questions please do ask!

    3. Thanks man yeah that really helps :D Actually I was wondering, could you give me more details on how you added the black coat please? :)
      I'm completely new to painting warhammer lol, but I don't mind experimenting as long as I know vaguely what i am doing :)

    4. OK, if your new to painting your best friend will be a pot of black wash, something like 'nuln oil' from GW. Essentilaly it's a watered down black paint that you lightly wash over the entire model to add shade as it will tend to fall into recesses more. This does of course darken the model and you will often need to highlight the raised areas after with either the orginal colour or a lighter form of it. Master this simple technique and your models will instandlty look loads better.

    5. Understood :) Cheers for the advice I will certainly give it a shot :D


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