Thursday 19 July 2012

Another Imperial Guard Squad & The First Choas Marine

My current Imperial Guard 'Army'

Yet more 40K, I'll start with my second imperial gaurd infantry squad, as before a bunch of catachan repaints.  This means I can now play a basic allied detactment of a HQ and an infantry platoon which I'm looking forward to trying it out with my space marines.  I have another 30 gaurdsmen prepped and ready for painting, though this time cadians.  At first I was worried about mixing cadians and catachans in one small army, but I've decided just to go ahead and paint them and not overly worry about it.

I've made my decision of how to paint my new chaos marines as well and have finally plumped for Alpha Legion.  The background is a bit mysterious and unconclusive which means I can play around with them a bit, from my reading there seems to be cells scattered around imperial space each of which has evolved slightly differently to the others since the heresy.  They also utilse cultists a lot, so I'm hoping the rumours about cultists being in the starter set prove to be acurate.

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