Wednesday 11 July 2012

Decisions, Decisions......

I've gone and done something that could either be considered brave, stupid or awesome, I've started yet another army!  This time continuing with the current 40K theme as it's what we've been playing most of and thats hardly likely to change once we finally get our mits on the new 6th ed.  That army is Chaos Space Marines.  I've bought a bunch of stuff on ebay which hasn't arrived yet, but being impaitent I popped into GW on the way home from work today and came out with a chaos space marine squad.

I've only assembled the couple above, but now its decision time. I can't decide what colour to paint them!  It was going to be easy, I have some khorne berserkers on the way and I was going to paint them all red, but one of my main opponents has gone and done just that with his new chaos army! Gutted, but now I need a new plan, the main two possibilities at the moment seem to be either black legion (which seems too easy and obvious) or possibly alpha legion, but neither 'feels' quite right, I suppose I need to get my thinking cap on!


  1. I've done exactly the same thing as you! Bought some CSM stuff off ebay and the same box from a GW store to get me started!!! I've opted for Iron Warriors, though Word Bearers were a close second.

  2. word bearers were actually my first choice! But they're red and I'm determined (except from the berserkers) not to end up with a red army like my mates.



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