Tuesday 27 May 2014

Deadzone - The Rebs

I've finished painting the third faction for Deadzone now, the Rebs, who are an alliance of rebels (but definitely not the rebel alliance) of various species who have rebelled against corporation rule.

This means you have a big mix of different models all with widely varying abilities, The Rebs are the faction of the specialist, pretty much everyone is good at what he/she does, but not very good at anything else.  You have to really concentrate on the mission whilst playing the game, it can be difficult to win with the Rebs, but I find it more rewarding when you do.  It also means you have a big variety of interesting minis a well, and although there are obvious influences from serenity/firefly, star wars and star trek amongst others they do tie together nicely into their own unique faction.  I've tried to tie my minis together as a faction by using a palate of browns and greys (unashamedly inspired by firefly) for the cloths and armour.  This also results in them looking a bit dark, dingy and grubby which I think suits the whole Rebel thing.

Rebel Commanders
There are two leaders available to the Rebs, these lovely ladies and a Yndij sergeant, I find myself using these most often as they combine reasonable leadership with a reasonable sniping ability.  I've painted them with different hair colour as well just for a bit of variety.

Kraaw warriors and Judwan Medics
Two specialists, the flexible Kraaw (glide and one of those pesky blast weapons) and the Judwan medic, which so far I've found overpriced.  The Judwan are pacifists and won't attack at all, and I normally find that once someone gets injured it's rare you have a chance to heal them before they get killed.

Survey Drones


Rebel Human Troopers
The grunts of the reb force, not very good, but at least they are cheap.  The drones and Yndij at least have their uses, anyone know how to pronounce Yndij?

Grogans with Onslaught Cannons & Desolators
Grogans carry the heavy weapons for the Rebs, the blaze away onslaught cannons and the anti-armour desolators.  They're not the best shots, but usefully can move and shoot and hence aim and shoot.  So far I've found the blaze away option to be the best of the two, but that might change when the light vehicles appear in the game in the summer.

Rebel Soraks
These are reminiscent of a certain pod racing alien and armed with an interesting blast weapon that rarely does any damage, but is infuriating to play against. 

Teraton Brawlers

To teraton or not to teraton that is normally the question when selecting a Reb force.  Teratons are nasty scary teleporting combat beasts, but they are expensive and I think ultimately slightly overpriced.  But having said that very little else in the Reb force will last long in combat with just about anything.  They are also simply fantastic minis.

Zee Scavengers

TK-Zero Weapons Team
I had a bit of an accident when building these, if you look closely at the sphyr loader on the left, you'll see his head is different from the one on the right.  That's because I managed to loose his head on the floor somewhere after what seemed like hours of fruitless searching I gave up and used a spare head from the dreadball asterians, luckily I didn't loose the 'hammerhead' part so in the end I don't think he looks too bad, honest.....

Dreadball Conversions
These last three minis were of course designed for deadzone, but I have inducted them into my rebel warband.  The Zee MVP Riller (in the middle) came with my deadzone package for the rescue the MVP scenario in the Nexus PSi campaiagn, I figured he could satnd in for a normal Zee as well.  The other two were also dreadball MVP's that came in the mantic crazy Christmas box, but as I already have copies of both for dreadball I have added guns and given them a grey paint scheme and they now take to the battlefield as a teraton brawler and a human trooper.


  1. I think you've done a great job painting all of these. I've constructed three of the four factions (still have to get to the Rebs)...but no paint other than primer has been applied!

    I do feel that your excellent paint jobs would really be put over the top with some ballast / flock on the bases. Granted that definitely a personal preference...as the paint work is very well done!

    1. I think you're right about the bases, I decided against my usual green flock as that would look silly on the deadzone matt/scenary. a bit of ballast might work however, I wil lponder it.



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