Friday 15 July 2011

Free French Naval Forces - Part 1

As I mentioned in my last post the bulk of my latest Navwar order was made up of ships to represent the forces of the Free French Naval Forces (mainly late war).  This is my second fleet after the Royal Navy.  I decided on the Free French as it's small enough that getting every major ship is a completly attainable goal (something I wouldn't even contemplate with the WW2 Royal Navy) and it could serve as allies to my Royal Navy in a campaign or even fight them as a lot of the ship classes also fought with Vichy France.  Researching what ships the Free French had hasn't been easy, wikipedia has a nice list of the ships of the German Kriegsmarine that my freind has used to collect his German fleet, but I've been unable to find a similar list (On wikipedia or elsewhere) that contains all the major ships of the fleet (there is a list on wikipedia, but it is woefully incomplete).  Still I think I've got there in the end and I've seem to have only missed a couple of large ships and I've finished painting the first half of my order:

Here we have the battleship Richelieu and the heavy cruiser Suffren

 The aircraft carrier Bearn and the submarine Surcouf.  The surcouf is a very interesting vessel, classed as an 'underwater cruiser' it even carried a spotting aircraft.

The cruisers Emile Bertain and Jeanne D'Arc

The three La Galissonnière class cruisers Montcalm, Gloire and Georges Leygues.

Thats it for now, on the painting table I also have another couple of cruisers, 2 obsolete battleships, 6 destroyers and few subs, and I need to order another cruiser and the battleship Lorraine, and as far as I can tell that will be about it for my Free French fleet.

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