Wednesday 13 July 2011

The Sixth Wave & A Pair of Giants

I've bought a load more WW2 ships from Navwar this week, the majority of the order is made up of French ships to form a late war Free  French fleet, but I've put them to one side for now and have painted the new additions to my Royal Navy fleet and the couple of other ships I bought first.

Here we have the Revenge class battleship HMS Royal Soveriegn and the escort carrier HMS Ameer.

These are the two Merchant Aircraft Carriers MAC Empire Macmahon and MAC Empire Mackay.

Now we come to the first (and largest) of the giants refered to in the post title, this is RMS Queen Mary an ocean liner that served in WW2 as a troop transport, she was one of the largest lin ers in the world at the time and is the largest ship in my 1/3000 sclae collection.  I've painted her in her WW2 grey scheme and not her more colourful civillian scheme (for obvious reasons).

And finally the Japanese battleship Yamato, the largest battleship ever built. I don't currently have any plans to collect a Japanese fleet, I just wanted to add this awesome vessel to my collection.

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