Wednesday 6 July 2011

The Brotherhood of Ecthalion

Yesterday I finished a small project that I started a year ago or so.  A unit for my Vengence Templars Space Marine army called the Brotherhood of Ecthalion.  They're based on the Dark Angel veterans boxed set and in particlar the hooded headed and cloaked bodies, which I just thought were so cool I just had to add to my army even if I didn't play Dark Angels.  I decided to build them as an assault squad without jump packs that would deploy from a drop pod, I equiped them with 2 flamers and gave the sergeant a power weapon.  Then I had to come up with a reason why they looked different to the rest of my (pretty standard) force.  In the background of my chapter they represent the personal strike force of the chapter master who deploy independantly of battlefeild command and are on their own mysterious mission.  Currently I'm planning on adding some Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard next, painted silver and ruleswise counting as Vanguard Veterans, suppose I'll have to come up with a dodgy backstory for them too.

The origanal five lead by the sergeant

The five I've just finished

The complete Brotherhood

The Brotherhood deploying from their drop pod.

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