Saturday 2 July 2011

A Lone Wanderer

I was having a rumage through my collection yesterday and came across an old D&D board game Dragon Quest.  Its a sort of roleplaying light game crossed with something like heroquest, but what was interesting was that my copy came with 6 metal versions of the heroes as well as the standard plastic ones (I don't know if this was the same for all versions or a limited release sort of thing).  The metal minis are 28mm scale (i.e. warhammer scale) and vary a lot in quality, 3 of them are awful (the elf, dwarf & knight), 2 of them are ok (the rogue and the barbarian) but the last one, a wizard/priest sort of dude I really liked.  I figure he'd make a nice stand in Truthsayer, which have are being rereleased with storm of magic.  I am hoping to pick up the truthsayer and dark emissary in a bit as I was annoyed with myself for not picking them up last time they were out.  Anyway the finished model:

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