Friday 22 June 2012

HaT 1:72 Scale 17th Lancers

This is a set of models I've been waiting for for several years, ever since I painted my first zulu war Brits around 3 years ago this set has been on the horizon, but it's been worth the wait and for 1:72 scale models these are great, although inevitably the lances are a bit fragile.

These are of course the famous 17th Lancers as they were in the Zulu war, although as long as you're not too fussy they could serve as other colonial lancers as well.  I'm planning to paint up a second set for use with my British army in the Sudan.  You get 12 horses in the set, but 15 riders which allows for a bit of variety and with the bonus arms to include officers and buglers.


  1. Nice looking bods, I like the horse colours


  2. Great job Keith, really nice looking unit.

  3. Those look great! Might be worth replacing the lances with some wire though.


  4. Great figures and an excellent paintjob!! Hat told me that they are already sold out within a week. I guess everybody wants to wargame or create a diorama of Ulundi now:-))


  5. Cheers for the positive comments guys, although I can't see me replacing the lances though... it seems like a lot of hard work :). I'm not suprised to find out they've already sold out, they really are fantastic models.



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