Monday 25 June 2012

Eldar Viper & 40K Ruins

Just a quicky today, a new Eldar Vyper Jetbike to show and a couple of pieces of gothic ruins.

The Vyper has had an extra heavy weapon slung underneath in the manner of a landspeeder.  And for 60pts can put out 6 strength 6 shots a turn, not to shabby at all.

The ruins are the old plastic set that origanally came in the 3rd edition boxed set.  I didn't put a lot of effort into these, just a quick spray in grey and the a covering in devlan mud, but its worked out I think.

Also as it happens this is my 200th post, I'm quite suprised that I've got this far to be honest, but thank you for reading, and heres to the next 200!

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