Friday 30 November 2012

LOTR Moria Goblins

A few more Lord of the Rings figures today, this time a sprue of moria goblins, which I got a pile of a long time ago, and these are the first ones I've actually got around to painting.

One question I had with these was how to base them, I nearly decided to base them all rocky and cave-like, but in the end all the models they are going to fight have grassy bases so these do too.

I've given in and ordered the Hobbit - escape from goblin town, and am actually really quite excited about it, expect to see lots more from middle earth in the near future.


  1. Nice job on the gobbos. Looking forward to your posts featuring the new Hobbit stuff.

    1. Cheers! The boxed set was dispatched last friday, I'm hoping it might turn up today, really can't wait.


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