Monday 3 December 2012

40K Meets Mordheim - Proof Of Concept

Unfortunatly my large gaming table has recently had to take a move into the garage, and this has worked fine, until this weekend, when it was rather cold, and playing outside was impossible.  Now like any sensible gamer I have some solutions for this evntually, including several board games that will fit on the smaller table I have indoors.  But we didn't play any of them, oh no, we had to go create a brand new game, well maybe not brand new, but a merging of two established games.

We each picked 100pts of 40K figures (just indivual figures no squads as such) and then played a game, but working injuries out like a game of mordheim.  We only made one other major rule change which was swaping I go - you go with an alternating activation (essentially stolen from star wars miniatures).  This meant each figure had a full, move, fire and assault phases and then the other player got to activate and use one of his figures and so on.  I did this to stop one side being able to blow another side away in one turn (something I've seen happen in mordheim a lot)

Essentially it worked, we played a couple of games and had fun.  Some tweeking needs doing, especially around points and army lists, but it works fine.  Also we needed to use more line of sight blocking terrain than we did.  My friend who I played against was also excited about the possibilty of using some of his random models in these games and went home saying he was going to paint up his squad of tau fire warriors that he has lying around and was even muttering ideas for an experience system.  I get the feeling we might be doing a bit more of this over the winter.


  1. You need more scenery in your Mordheim games from the sounds of it.

    And what's wrong with using Necromunda/Kill Team rules?

    1. You're problay right about the scenery, I suggested using the Necromunda rules, but for some reason my freind wasn't interested.... as for kill team, whats that?

    2. I think it goes back to 4th edition, now it seems that most 'Kill Team' rules are unofficial homebrews. But you'll find lots with a quick Google:

  2. If you are interested in 40k skirmish I would highly recommend checking out Deathsquads game at Once you join the forum you can download the rules for free. The rules are very comprehensive. The rules have lots of detail and the game is really fun to play. There is a campaign mechanic like Mordheim and lots of cool 40k models, fluff, and weapons. It is probably my favorite game to play. I would recommend checking it out.

  3. Cheers for the info guys, looks like a lot of the hard work and tweeking has already been done by people. Lots of food for thought


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