Monday 17 December 2012

First Hobbit Miniatures & Some More Uruks

Some more painted figures for middle earth today, stating with the Hobbit himself Mr Bilbo Baggins;  A really nice little model (and I do mean little) he come with the option of carrying either sting or his walking stick, I think he looks better with the stick so thats what I've gone with.  Below is also the first piece of the goblin town scenary, just sprayed brown and then given a brown wash, it's come out rather well I think for little effort.

Next we have 10 of the goblins from the Hobbit starter set, all single piece models, but nicely detailed.  I still find it a bit odd they're very different from the Lord of the Rings goblins though.

And finally 6 metal Uruk-hai models including Lurtz, a captain, an archer and 3 berserkers, some formidable additions to my Isengard force.


  1. Good job , nice to see a start on Hobbit figures.

  2. I like Bilbo, I think the stick was the right choice, the flowing jacket works well. As for the Gblin's, they are the nicest sculps I have seen in a long time, really gets the look of Goblins as I see them. The orcs also look good though I never see them as such a rich red/brown but that's always been me. Nice to see a large step back from the strange orcs that W had been making before LotR came out. Glad to see it continues with the Hobbit stuff



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