Friday 21 December 2012

Dreadball Arrives!

The wait is finally over and my first Dreadball shipment from the kickstarter has arrived!  I've spent the last couple of evenings sticking everything together and overall am pretty pleased with what I've got.

Everthing in the inital package came in the main box, which unfortunatly had a small tear in the left hand side; still it's not major and it's only a box.  What is nice about the box is that unlike mantics other board games this conatins a moulded platic tray with different areas to put things in.  The first joyful moment was the rulebook which was much bigger and better produced than I expected.  Overall the minis are pretty good too, although a few of the models had a few issuses.

Above are some example of the good minis, good detail and posing, everything works great on these, I love that Orx in particular, although I can see myself ending up as more of a human player.  Most of the models are good quailty like these, the forge fathers in deserve a mention too with great detail.

These three models however all had a few issues, I've fixed john doe (on the left) now, but when he came he was leaning backwards at about 45 degrees which just looked ridiculous and I hope wasn't intended.  Next we have no. 88 who has no production issues, but I think for me the pose is just silly.  And then finally we have the ver-myn strikers who won't stand up... although hopefully when attached to the (optional) hex bases they will.

I've seen a few poeple moan about the board as well, although I honestly can't see why, it seems fine to me and a standard board game board with nice artwork.
So a few niggles, but still overall I'm a happy customer at this stage and what is clear is that this is a big step up in quality from the dwarf kings hold games.  Thoughts on the actual game will of course be forthcoming when I've actually had the chance to play.

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  1. I've just read the rules and I'm eager to try it

    I love the Orx though I'm looking forward to the Nameless team... Good review :)


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