Sunday 22 September 2013

Airfix 1:76 WW2 German Reconnaissance Set

I was off work sick last week and wanted a quick little project to keep myself busy, I came back from the model shop with this WW2 1:76 scale German Reconnaissance set from Airfix.  The set contains 3 infantry figures, two of which are unfortunately the same and two vehicles.  The vehicles are a Kubelwagen car and the highlight of the set which is a SD.KFZ.222 armoured car.  It's a good little set and I enjoyed assembling and painting it.


  1. Yes this is a nice little set! I've painted it many years ago but not as good as you! Great brushwork!


  2. I've always loved the 222 scout car, If I'm not mistaken I may have 2 of this kit.


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