Sunday 29 September 2013

Dreadball: Robot Team, MVP's and Coaches

With season 3 of Dreadball due to drop through the mailbox any day now I decided it was about time I got a move on and did some more work on some of the season 2 teams.  What we have here is the robot team which I'm looking forward to playing.  The team starts the game as 6 jacks, but can transform into strikers and guards as the game goes on, it's an interesting sounding mechanic.  I've painted the team in a basic bronze scheme that was quick and easy to do and I think gives a nice almost 'steampunky' feel.

Below we have two of the MVP's from season 2, on the left is 'Gabe' who is from penny arcade and the robot 'Firewall'.

And finally 4 coaches.  This is a great pack with 4 really characterful models, 'Orcy' is my favourite.  Unfortunately the coat of varnish that I apply to all my Dreadball minis to help them survive the rigours of play has spoilt the paint job's slightly.


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