Friday 6 September 2013

40K: Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine Khorne Berserkers

Some more additions to my alpha Legion force today, the bulk of which is this 15 strong squad of Khorne Berserkers shown below.  This is an amalgamation of two lots I bought off ebay a while back (both lots also included other bits as well), the problem with this is they're not necessarily assembled as I would have chosen.  The question of course is why do I have Alpha Legion Berserkers in the first place? Essentially because I want to, and I don't think it's beyond reason that over the millennia some of an isolated alpha legion warband wouldn't fall to worshipping one god or another in particular.

I've also made and painted these three alpha legionnaires below to bring my second marine squad upto 10 men.  These are made up from a variety of bits, the legs come from Khorne Berserkers that were in too bad a state to add to the squad above, the torsos and most of the arms are from loyalist space marines and the head and weapons are spares from the chaos space marine squad box.  I think it all worked out fine in the end though.
And finally a pic of my Chaos army as it stands now.  I have 5 more terminators and a small squad of plague marines too paint and then I need a centrepiece which I think will be a deamon engine of some sort, but do I go for a Heldrake, a forge fiend or a defiler?


  1. You had much experience with them?

    I had been waiting for 6th edition and the new Codex to re-start my CSM army, but haven't felt at all inspired to do so by the Codex.

    1. I've not used them yet, after al they've only just been painted. I've seen one of my friends use them twice before though, the first time they tore apart a squad of terminators in spectacular fashion, but the second time they all got killed by a well aimed battle cannon shot


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