Sunday 5 January 2014

Army Focus - Star Wars Miniatures Seperatists

the collection - click to enlarge
Welcome to the fourth instalment in my series showcasing my star wars miniatures collection (links to Imperials Rebels Republic).  This time showing the last of the four major factions, the CIS, more comanly known as the seperatists.  I've left these till last as they're undoubtedly my least favourite of the four, and due to that this collection is a but smaller than the other three.

The speratists force is all about the droids.  In star wars miniatures droids don't normally get the benefit of commander effects, but these ones do and the right combination can turn them from being useless into a very powerful and deadly force.  There's a big variety in the droids you can field as well, from the humble 4pt battle droid all the way upto vulture and tank droids.

It's not just droids thought, you also get a couple of sith lord options, a couple of mean bounty hunters and various forms of General Grevious (a cyborg, not a droid) with which to lead your force.


  1. Wow, that quite a collection you have there.

  2. can i plzzzzz have the vulture droid plzzzzzzzz ive always wanted it

  3. can i plz have the vulture droid


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