Sunday 23 February 2014

Army Focus - Star Wars Miniatures Minor Factions

The latest instalment in my ongoing showcase of my star wars miniatures collection, and with the four major factions already dealt with (Imperial - Rebels - Republic - Seperatists) todays post contains what I term the five minor factions.  These have many less options than the bigger factions and I have correspondingly less figures for them, some of them are still rather cool though.  As always click on the pictures for a bigger version.

An odd faction this, it spans a massive time frame in the star wars universe and has only a few named characters, what it does have though is a lot of powerful, and points-efficient troop types.  They never really clicked with me, but there's some good looking minis here. 

Old Republic
 The old republic features some cool characters from the computer games and comics, a raft of interesting non-unique Jedi pieces and a lot of sub-standard troopers.  Ultimately they were always a weak faction and only really playable for friendly 'period' battles against appropriate sith or mandalorian forces.

The Sith
 The Sith is another faction that doesn't sit in a specific time frame, ranging from the ancient Naga Shadow all the way up to the new galactic empire under Darth Krayt 150 years or so after the movies.  This faction is all about the named sith lords there are some very powerful pieces here, but boy do they cost a lot of points and need to be used carefully.
New Republic
After the fall of the empire a New republic is formed, it's quite an interesting little faction and my favourite of the ones in this post.  The troopers are uninteresting, but the faction is mainly named characters a lot of whom have interesting abilities and are great fun to play with.  You get older versions of luke/han/leia as well as characters from the books and games that take place after the return of the jedi, like kyle katarn and mara jade, all the way up to luke and mara's descendants from the legacy of the force comic books.

Yuzhan Vong

I hate the Yuzhan Vong, the enemy created for the New Republic to fight after they defeated the imperial remnant, I hadn't even heard of them before I started playing this game so I tried reading a few of the books featuring them, but I just still hated them.  To me these do just not feel like star wars, their rules tend to be gimmicky and frustrating to play against as well.  The game would have been better off without them.


  1. Wow, you certainly have a very vast and cool looking collection. I don't suppose there might be few things in it you'd consider parting with? You know, some posses you have multiple copies of.

    1. Hmmmmm, very few bits I'm afraid, most of those multiples are army builders. Most of the few bits I would be willing to let one or two of the multiples go from are from the fringe faction random aliens that I've not posted yet. My look at the fringe faction should be up in a couple of days


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