Monday 1 August 2011

A Great Afternoon's Gaming

It's been a lovely sunny day and It's been my day off (two things that don't normally coincide), but instead of spending the day strolling over the countryside a couple of friends came over for a few games.  We started off playing the new Dwarf Kings Hold scenario from Mantic Journal 4.  I like Dwarf Kings Hold a lot and am eagerly awaiting delivery of the second installment, and this extra scenario didn't disappoint.  It's a big scenario and took us around an hour to play, and what really got me was how close it was, the dwarfs started well, but then got bogged down, started to break out and then got cut down due to a couple of mistakes right near the end.  This balancing is the true strength of DKH, and just because the undead won this time, there is nothing to say that they will again.  It introduces a couple of new ideas as well in linked secret passageways and the recovery of a dwarf 'playing dead'.  I've got a few ideas for a scenario of my own, which I might even get around to writting and testing one day.

After that we moved on and played three games of Victory at Sea.  We started off with a fantasy battle between of the Yamato facing off the Bismarck and the Tirpitz, the Yamato kicked but and sank both ships with ease, we plan to do this again adding more ships until the Yamato finally sinks.  We then moved on to the historical scenario for the Battle of the River Plate, we've played this 3 times before but had a new player and have found its a good introduction to the game, but as ususal the British won.  Finally we moved on to a convoy scenario between the Germans and the Free French, the Germans lost horredously again, which seems to be a common theme from all our games, I'm wondering if the list is really that weak or if we need to develop different tactics.


  1. Hi Keith,

    sounds like the scenario was working as planned. It's a bit of a see-saw and as is often the case needs a bit of thinking and planning about the best way forward. Glad to hear you enjoyed it and took some ideas from it. Looking forward to playing your scenario one day!


  2. I've only had the chance to play it once as the undead so far, and am looking forward to having a go with the dwarfs, I do like the way tactics seem to esclate as you replay scenarios as well.


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